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for all your CNC requirements in Melbourne, Ben CNC does it all!

About Ben CNC

Located in Melbourne, Ben CNC is a contract CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router cutting service operating a range of modern, precision CNC routers, with up to 3600mm x 1800mm capacity.  We also stock a large selection of materials on site to help you achieve fast turnaround times.  We provide free estimates and, depending on your specific requirements, no setup charges in most cases.

Ben CNC operates specialised machinery which can CNC cut rebates, blind holes, counter sinks, multiple depths, through cuts, chamfers and 3D work.  At Ben CNC we are competitive with our quotes and prices and also strive to maintain the strictest quality control measures to make our customers happy and want to see us again.

We operate various software which can handle most file format types for design and cutting which includes formats such as DXF, DWG, PDF, EPS and more.  We can also provide CAD drawing for your required components from a technical or hand drawing.

Ben CNC provides services to industries which required components for shop fitting, home cabinetry, office environments, marine cabinetry and more.